The Organ Donor Price Tag

agency work ANR BBDO 2017

Guldägget Diplom 2018          Cannes Lions Product Design Shortlist 2018          Cannes Lions Media Shortlist 2018

Beyond Retro is a vintage clothing company with a strong social purpose. They’re owned by a recycling company and they started selling vintage clothing to do something about the abundant waste of clothes in today’s society. Not because they wanted to be a fashion company. Which is cool and something that connects them with their costumers.

But as more and more second hand clothing shops pop up, Beyond Retro has a need to prove that they are the numero uno. How? By taking recycling to the next level. 

Like... recycling organs. If they did, they could save lives!

According to research 85% of all swedes want to be organ donors, but only 15% actually are. The will is there but it's obviously not easy enough to become a donor. That's what we needed to change.

We created The Organ Donor Price Tag. A new Beyond Retro price tag that doubles as an organ donor card.  Just tear the donor card from the price tag, sign it and keep it in your wallet. If something happens, medics will find the donor card and know that you've agreed to donate. In Sweden this makes you a legal and valid organ donor. Seriously, it’s that simple!

The Organ Donor Price Tag has taken recycling to the next level and put Beyond Retro at the top of sustainable fashion.

In the print ads Niclas and Elin were models. They both received organs from donors, which saved their lives.